10 creative swag ideas that will get you seen

In the world of events, corporate swag is becoming more of an expectation than a nice-to-have nowadays, but, with almost every organization out there opting for the staple tote bag or a safe ballpoint pen, how do you stand out from the crowd? 

By doing something different. Whether you’re hosting a conference or running an end-of-summer giveaway we’ve racked our brains to come up with 10 swag ideas that break the norm and keep your swag out of recycling bin. 

No matter what item you opt for, remember the goal is to strike the right balance between splatting your branding over it and creating something useful or trendy that people will actually want to keep.

1. Cookie-cutter

10 creative swag ideas that will get you seen | Hue & Tone Creative

There’s two great options here -- either use a more standard shape (like a heart, star, or gingerbread man) and customize the cutter itself with your colors and logo OR make the shape symbolic to your brand --  such as your logo or a representation of it.

If it fits your brand you could even bring out seasonal iterations of your cookie cutter for Thanksgiving, Christmas, Halloween, Valentine’s Day or Easter.


2. Lunch box

We all need to transport our food in something snazzy -- so why not give people a great lunch box that just happens to boast your logo? This custom container will be seen by all their colleagues and hopefully spark a discussion about your brand over lunch.

If you’re looking to take your trendiness to the next level, consider a branded Bento Box instead! 


3. Stress ball 

Because who doesn’t get stressed from time-to-time?

Not that we’ve not done any research to back this theory up, but there’s certainly a chance that relieving stress while seeing your logo could help people exude positive feelings towards your organization… isn’t that exactly what we’re after? 

10 creative swag ideas that will get you seen | Hue & Tone Creative

If you really want to spark a conversation think outside the box and go for something really unusual -- think avocadoes sipping a pina colada kind of out there!

4. Pool float 

Why not hit the pool with your favorite clients or customers? Whether you go for a flamingo, donut, your logo or something super simple, a custom pool float gives you a wide swath of realty to show your branding off.


5. Reusable straw

Being environmentally friendly has never been more important than it is now so do your part for the planet and your brand image by creating custom stainless steel or silicone straws. You can put them in a branded travel pouch or paint your branding across the whole thing... the color of the straw, your logo on the end, the whole thing! 


6. Christmas tree ornament 

T’is the season to...get your brand in everyone’s homes. If you want this one to work remember to get the right balance between your branding and festive vibes -- if it’s too much of the former and not enough of the latter you might not make it onto the tree.


7. Golf kit 

They say the golf course is where business is done, right? Get your brand in the middle of the conversation with some bespoke tees orballs.


8. Umbrella

On a rainy day your branded umbrella could offer up as much advertising space as a small billboard -- but for a fraction of the cost. This one’s super practical too, making your odds of securing a spot in someone’s handbag all the more likely. 


9. Bottle stoppers

Simple, small, but extremely useful -- and something people would probably be very grateful not having to spend their own money on. You won’t have a great deal of space to work with though, so remember to be sensible with the dimensions you havegot.

Or, consider upgrading to a custom corkscrew and bottle stopper set… all in a handy travel case! 


10. Customized Pop Sockets

When’s the last time you or anyone you know left the house without their phone? Exactly. People don’t go anywhere without it nowadays and, if you get it right, your Pop Socket could be with them every step of the way; opening you up to lots of new eyes every day. 

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