Real estate: marketing tips to win more business

In every city there are tons of realtors vying for the same business and that makes getting customers to seal the deal that much harder -- so don’t put yourself at a disadvantage by missing prime marketing opportunities.

For example, listings with high quality photos sell at or above their listed price 44% of the time? And, that 70% of homeowners prefer to list with someone who uses video marketing?

These five simple but seriously effective tips you could start sticking it to your competitors and winning more business right now.

Real estate: marketing tips to win more business | Hue & Tone Creative


1. Make your properties easy to share

New to social? Here are a whole load of real estate-specific tips.

By adding social sharing buttons (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram) to all your listings. Even if only a handful of searchers go ahead and share you’ll potentially open yourself up to 100s, if not 1,000s, of new prospects -- for free. 

Remember to make your sharing buttons super easy to see and use, because the harder you make it to find them the more chance people will click away from your site without taking action. 

2. Set up a referral program

Let past customers market for you by incentivizing them to recommend you to their friends with something like a $200 referral fee. If you decide to start a referral program remember to:

  • Make it clear the fee’s only applicable if the person they referred actually buys or sells with you

  • Promote your scheme across your email, social media and website campaigns, as well as on-site and in-person too


3. Support the community

Whether it’s a local athletics club, school or charity, get your name out there and support the community with some good old-fashioned sponsorship. 

Not only will you boost your brand’s awareness, but you’ll show people you’re a company who cares too -- and that can do wonders for your reputation, putting you a cut above your competition.


4. Don’t just use images

Not sure where to start? Check out part onetwo and three of how to make professional videos on your iPhone.

With the starting stat in mind, think about branching out into the video world for your listings. It’ll:

  •  Give you a chance to show your personality

  • Cater to what you know people want

  • Better showcase your listings

  • Give you a competitive advantage (if your competition’s not already taking the lead)

5. Partner with a local organization

If you don’t ask you don’t get. So, see if you can open yourself up to new audiences by teaming up with, say, your local coffee shop and asking if you can buy them a new set of takeout containers with your branding on the front.

They’ll benefit from the free supplies and you’ll benefit from more exposure. Just remember to include key information like your:

  • Name

  • Logo

  • Contact details 

And make sure the end finish looks top-notch -- after all, the quality of your marketing materials says an awful lot about your business, so if you’re going to do something (and want awesome results), do it properly. 

Hue & Tone Creative: Your Marketing Partners

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