Must download free Google Fonts

Must Download Free Google Fonts  |  Hue & Tone Creative

Whether you’re designing a resumé for the job of your dreams, sending out invitations to a gala, or creating a sleek new business card, using the right fonts will help you grab someone's attention and accurately communicate your brand.

Google Fonts has 847 fonts to sort through, so we’ve rounded up some favorites for you to browse. And remember, all of these fonts are free and open source, so there’s no need to worry about potential licensing hiccups. You’re free to use the fonts for any project, whether it’s a personal blog or a commercial campaign.


Sans Serif

You can never have too many sans serif font options. These versatile fonts are great for logos, headlines, and graphics. 



Give Times New Roman a break and swap it for something more modern.


Slab Serif

Looking for a typeface that packs a punch? Try a slab serif.

 Want even more fonts? Keep the downloading going by syncing some of our favorites from Adobe Typekit.

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