Mood Boards: Museum Favorites

Creative inspiration can be found anywhere, from a scene in a movie to a trip to the museum.

This week, we cracked open our forgotten art history textbooks and found inspiration in the works of Impressionist, Post-Impressionist, and Art Nouveau masters.

No need for an artistic background- simply peruse through our collection of mood boards to find a little inspiration of your own.



Paul Cézanne

This rich mix of cool and warm tones can add a strong pop of color to websites, resumes, or business cards.    



Claude Monet

A bold punch of crimson adds an unexpected contrast to these lily pad greens.



Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec

For this color scheme, we channeled the fast-paced energy of Parisian dance halls filled with quirky partygoers.



Edgar Degas

We loved the soft romantic feel of Degas’ delicate scenes. Adding a mossy green helped keep this pastel palate from feeling too girly.



Gustave Klimt

For this expressive color scheme, we channeled Klimt’s mosaic-like portraits and floral landscapes.


Mary Cassatt.png

Mary Cassatt

Although Cassatt’s Impressionistic scenes were inspired by Degas, she had a style all her own. Lively bursts of yellow and ochre standout against blue and green hues.


Who are your favorite artists? Let us know in the comments!

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