6 Pro Tips for a Great iPhone Video (Part 1, Great Mobile Video)

It’s no secret, video marketing isn’t going away anytime soon. In fact, by 2019, video will make up over 80% of online consumer traffic.

While anyone can pull out their iPhones and start filming, quality videos take effort.

Not sure where to begin? Our 6 pro tips can help you make a video worth watching.

6 Pro Tips for Great iPhone Video  |  Hue & Tone Creative

1.    Find A Location

While spontaneous videos can work well for social, it’s better to go for a more professional approach for advertising videos and promotional content.  Find a private area where you can focus and feel comfortable. You don’t want your filming to be interrupted by noisy traffic or someone yelling on their phone.

Choose a quiet space alone without any distractions. Want to film outside? Choose your day wisely. Wind is audio’s worst enemy.


2.    Check Your Lighting

Whether you’re filming inside or outside, terrible lighting can ruin an otherwise great video.

Never film directly in front of a window! You’ll wind up looking like a creepy silhouette. 

If you’re shooting outside, indirect lighting is your friend! The best times for filming are typically in the early morning or late afternoon while the lighting is still soft.

Filming inside requires a little more setup than outdoor videos. To make up for a dim space, it’s important to add additional lighting.

You don’t need to blow your budget for great lighting. At just under 60 bucks, this lighting kit is perfect.

Filming near a well-lit window works well in a pinch. Try to avoid shooting under fluorescent lights. They’re way too harsh and super unflattering on camera. 


3. Clean Your Lens

Have you ever watched a video and gotten super distracted by a weird smudge on the screen? We have. Don’t be that person. You want your audience to focus on you, not your dirty screen.


4. Lock Your Exposure & Focus

On an iPhone, your focus and exposure adjusts automatically. While this is great for pictures, it can make a video super choppy and blurry.  

To fix this, focus your camera by tapping and holding the screen. After a few seconds, the AE/AF button will pop up.


5. Film Horizontally

Although most Snaps and Instagram Stories are shot vertically, this is a major don’t for phone videos. Shooting horizontally will ensure that you don’t have any awkward rotation problems when people are watching your video.

And, make sure not to mix vertical and horizontal shots – it’s an editing nightmare!


6. Invest in a Tripod & Mic

Even if you try to hold your phone as steady as possible, you’re still going to end up bumpy shots. We highly suggest buying a tripod. Trust us, it makes all the difference! 

Here are a few options that won’t break the bank:

Along with having a smooth and steady shot, clear audio is essential. Buying a external microphone will ensure that you’re sound isn’t compromised. We personally love our Lavalier mic because it’s travel-friendly and works for phones, laptops, and tablets.

For under $20 you can also by a fuzzy microphone cover to help block out wind and background noise. This 5 pack from eBoot is practically a steal.

We'll be taking next week off from blogging... but be sure to keep an eye out the following two Wednesday's -- we'll be posting two more installments on how to get great mobile video! You’ll be going viral in no time!

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