5 Thankworthy Tips for Better Holiday Content

5 Thankworthy Tips for Better Holiday Content  |  Hue & Tone Creative

Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade, The Starbucks Holiday Cup, and the NFL’s Thanksgiving Games are all examples of how companies capitalize on the Holiday Season. You may be wondering how your business can get in the holiday game. If you’re not yet prepared to spend millions on gigantic floating turkeys or interested in joining the controversial cup circuit, you could simply create season-specific content for your darling customers and clients. Below are 5 thankworthy tips to generate more interesting holiday content for your website and social media outlets.


1. Customization is Key.

Your customers’ likes and dislikes, locations, and values, etc., should dictate what you’re posting on a normal basis. Likewise, it’s helpful information for the direction of your holiday content. For local clients, contributing a calendar of nearby holiday events would be beneficial. If your base is smorgasbord of religious beliefs and practices, then focusing on shared values like gratitude and family could aid in promoting holiday cheer without offending anyone. If you don’t quite know the makeup of your patrons, see our helpful guide to creating customer personas. The point is to customize your content for your audience which will have them coming back for more helpings through the holidays and beyond.


2. A little Industry Anyone?

Your content should fit your industry. Gift guides, product reviews, stories regarding your company’s philanthropic pursuits are all popular methods and sources for holiday driven content. Whatever you choose, it should be industry-based. A recipe app could of course feature holiday inspired recipes like red velvet cake or Cajun turkey tips, whereas the Goodwill could, more relevantly, post about finding the perfect holiday look or ways to tailor donations toward holiday needs. Injecting your content with juicy business/industry-specific information will have your customers salivating for more.


3. Help Me, Please!

The holidays are a time for many decisions to be made. What should I cook, how should I decorate, what are the best gifts of 2017 and where should I shop? With so many options to choose from, having a trusted advisor to hep navigate such choices is gold. Do you have information regarding high-demand products or data concerning online shopping vs. in-store purchasing? If so, create posts sharing your expert knowledge. Providing valuable holiday information will delight your clients and could prompt them to share the useful data and your awesome posts with countless others.


4. Picture This.

We’re all familiar with the adage “pictures are worth 1,000 words,” therefore, don’t limit your holiday posts to just text.  Use this time to display compelling images and heartwarming videos about your company. Showcase photos of your office decorated for the holidays or a video of your employees at the annual toy-drive. If your company doesn’t personally participate in these practices, highlight other organizations and businesses who do. Promote vendors, sister companies and other business affiliates by posting videos and pictures of their holiday experiences. It’s a great way of saying thank you to them and to drive some holiday traffic your way.


5. Give Thanks.

Speaking of thanks, some companies like to use the season to highlight the people who make it all possible – their staff.  Who doesn’t like to be appreciated? Create posts that show your employees in festive wear, acknowledging their contributions or cutting a rug at a company party. Create contests for customers and clients regarding the best-looking turkey or ugliest holiday sweater and post submissions on your site. Get others involved by asking for votes. Show the people who matter most that you care and create some buzzworthy holiday content at the same time.


The truth is, there are literally thousands of ways to create interesting holiday content for your site. The challenge is doing so in a way that’s relevant and valuable to those you serve. Honor them this holiday season by providing content that places their needs, wants and contributions at the top of the list.


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