Friday Links: A little bit of everything

Hi friends, and happy Friday! It's been a fun week full of some new opportunities here at Hue & Tone, and now I'm wrapping things up before heading out to enjoy this weekend's (hopefully) beautiful weather! If, like me, you haven't quite reached the finish line of the work week, here are a few links to push you through.

One | Type design is one of the most demanding (and fascinating) disciplines in the creative world. Here's a roundup of type designers to watch out for in 2016. 

Two | For something light, here's a hilarious infographic from the Creative Market blog: how to live like a creative.

Three | Looking for more regular reading material? Check out a few of the 80 best Tumblr blogs for designers. 

Four | This is great from the first line: "I’d love to have a toolkit that promised me great, creative ideas every time I sat down to work. Obviously that’s not going to happen—creativity doesn’t come from tools."

Five | Don't forget to check out our free adult coloring page! It's perfect for some weekend relaxation. 

Wishing you all a fabulous weekend! We'll be back next week on the blog.