Friday Links: Coloring, Wallpaper and Typography Basics

We hope everyone’s had a productive week back at work after the holidays. Here’s a few links that caught our eye this week:

One | Good, free fonts can be hard to find. This list of 60 free minimalist fonts highlights a handful of unique + clean + modern finds -- ones that you won’t see on more basic free font lists. 

Two | A lot of my clients are new to the design world -- and while I always take the time to walk them through some of the basics, a handful have asked for reading they can do on their own. This guide will help familiarize you with some basic typography terms. It’s the perfect primer for people having trouble communicating with their designer!

Three | For the past few weeks my social media feeds have been overrun with predictions for what 2016 will bring. Out of everything I’ve read, this collection of design trend predictions is one of my favorites.  

Four | We’re working on a few new freebie wallpapers -- in the meantime spruce up your tech with this list of best desktop wallpaper sites.

Five | I’ve recently developed an obsession with adult coloring books -- they’re perfect when you need a quick break from work. Michael’s has a wide selection, and carries a few coloring books that feature less intricate patterns (perfect for beginners)!