How to Become a Hashtag Pro (and specific hashtags for your industry)


Everyone knows that hashtags and pictures go together like PB&J. But not everyone knows how to correctly utilize hashtags.  When it comes to helping people find your company and products on Instagram, hashtags can play a big role -- but only if you're using the right ones. 

Today, we're going to run through the two main types of hashtags, and then cover how to find and use them properly.



Before you start collecting hashtags, it’s important to understand which ones you should be using. There are two main types to choose from: community and branded hashtags.

Community hashtags are popular on Instagram, but they don’t really have anything to do with brands. For instance, #tbt or #cat could be used by anybody, it’s not exclusive to a company. These are great for helping people discover your profile -- but you'll want to be specific and primarily use hashtags that directly relate to the mission of your brand.

Unlike community hashtags, branded hashtags are for… you guessed it, brands! Usually companies use a consistent tag featuring their name, but you could also make one for a promotion, competition, or product launch.

Branded hashtags are awesome for supporting user-generated content campaigns (UGC) because they help people connect with you and show their love for your brand. 


Where to Find Hashtags

Although it would be easy to throw on a couple of hashtags and call it a day, you really need to your homework if you want to be discovered. 

Save your hashtags tags in Google Docs or a spread sheet so that you have on hand when you need them. 

We recommend thinking like your audience. Dig around and find out which influencers and hashtags are popular with your followers. It also helps to zero in on the more specific community hashtags because they have a smaller following. For example, #artistsoninstagram has over 3 million posts, but if you narrow it down to #inkdrawing, you have about 820,000 posts to compete with. Less competition = more exposure for you.

Speaking of competition, it may also help to scope out what tags they’re using. If they’re posts are getting a crazy amount of attention, hunt around for the right hashtags to spark some likes on your own page. 


Instagram Pro tip

Keep your post clutter free by hiding your hashtags. 

  1. Open Notes in your phone.
  2. Type a dot and hit return (Repeat this process 5 times).
  3. Add all the hashtags you want to use after the 5th dot.
  4. Copy all the dots and hashtags.
  5. After you post your picture in Instagram, hit the comment button and paste all your dots and hashtags.
  6. When you look back at your post, all the tags should be hidden!

Need a few hashtag ideas to help you get started? Here are some popular ones for some of the top industries and the Triad:


Greensboro & the Triad:




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Increase Your Video Reach (Part 3, Great Mobile Video)


Think about the last time you watched something. Did you sit back on the couch and grab the remote, or did you reach for the phone in your pocket?

The days of devouring media solely on a TV screen are long gone. In fact, the total number of videos uploaded in the last 30 days dramatically surpasses the amount of content produced by major U.S. networks in the past 30 years.

With all those videos out there, how do you get eyes on your own content?

This week for Part 3 of our Great Mobile Video series, we’ll show you how to your iPhone videos to stand out on three major platforms.   



YouTube’s search engine is massive, so getting noticed in a sea of competing content boils down to the work you put into your SEO.

To help your videos pop up more often in search results, put time and effort into your metadata (title, description, tags, category, and thumbnail).

Your title should be no more than 60 characters long, but keep in mind that mobile users will only see about 26 characters of that.  

Avoid using “clickbait” titles to draw in views. An example? “This will change your life forever!” about a video showing off a new mop. Come up with a title that’s catchy, but honest… or you risk annoying your viewers and forfeiting subscribers.

Organize your videos into playlists. It will entice viewers to watch more of your content. 

Because only 2-3 lines of text (about 100 characters) are shown in the description of your videos during searches, put the most important info first. Mobile users won’t see your description at all, only your title.

Spend time researching relevant tags (Google’s Keyword planner is a great tool to use). Make sure that you only use tags that have to do with your video. Irrelevant tags could cause you to land in trouble with Google.

Make sure to choose the right category based on your viewers’ demographics. We recommend visiting YouTube’s Creator Academy to make sure that your selection is the right fit for your brand.

An eye-catching thumbnail can help your videos stand from competing search results. Think of your thumbnail as a little snapshot of what your video is about. Stick to a simple scheme like an image from your video paired with bold title. Canva is a great tool to use if you’re not savvy with Photoshop. 



Think YouTube is the leading video viewing platform? Well, that’s sort of true…

On average, 45% of people watch over an hour of YouTube or Facebook videos every week. Focusing on one over the other could cause you to miss out on a lot of potential leads.

While you may be tempted to simply share your YouTube link on Facebook, studies show that uploading videos directly to Facebook can increase your share rate dramatically. In fact, when compared to YouTube links, native Facebook videos perform 10x better and receive higher levels of engagement.

Sidebar: Because 85% of Facebook are viewed without sound, make sure that you have your subtitles enabled.

The uploading process it pretty similar to YouTube’s, choose a descriptive title and a compelling thumbnail to draw in views. We highly recommend spending time on your actual post. Only 400 characters of your post will share when people are scrolling through their feeds, so choose your words wisely.

Investing in a Facebook campaign is another great way to amp up your views. Check out our guide for more details. 



Before your video debuts, drum up excitement by mixing in teasers with your normal content. 

When it comes to Instagram views, hashtags are your best friend. Using at least one hashtag will bring in 12.6% more engagement that not using any. Just try not to go overboard. The rule of thumb is to choose relevant hashtags that are consistent with your brand, and are easily discoverable by new viewers.

Advertise your video in your bio with a compressed link. You can promote the video further in your other posts by stating “link in bio” at the bottom of the captions.

If you have influencers or special guests featured in your video, make sure to tag their page and have your participants do the same for you. This makes it easier for their viewers to discover your brand. 


One final takeaway…

When you get started with video, don’t obsess over your amount of views. Results take time. Instead, focus on producing and uploading high quality videos regularly, so that you can build up a following and increase your brand awareness overtime.

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How to Edit Your Video (Part 2, Great Mobile Video)

Grab a cup of coffee and get ready to edit together a viral video! 

Grab a cup of coffee and get ready to edit together a viral video! 

We’re back after taking a week off from the blog!  Two weeks ago, we shared some filming basics (you can catch up on Part 1 here). Now we’re jumping into the must-know stuff about editing video.

Let’s go ahead and dive in head first! 


Edit on a computer

Although there are plenty of video editing apps to choose from, editing on a computer is the key to producing quality professional videos.

iMovie is the perfect starter program for beginners, but its features can be a little limited.  It’s a great place to start -- you can use filters, voiceovers, and a small array special effects. But you might be a little limited when it comes to visual effects, audio editing, and graphic integrations. (It’s also the only cheap/free option on this list!)

Need an app for spontaneous videos? Magisto and Adobe Premiere Clip are free and perfect for on-the-go projects:

Adobe Premiere Pro is one of the leading cross-platform video-editing programs on the market. Because it’s used by film makers, journalists, and broadcasters, Premiere Pro is perfect for high quality professional content. Virtually every type of film or file type is compatible and can be exported to any screen and format. Premiere Pro also works seamlessly with other Adobe programs like Illustrator and After Effects – great for integrating custom titles.

Final Cut Pro X is a high quality professional program from Apple. Like Premiere Pro, Final Cut specializes in advanced techniques and 4K video. And, we personally find it to be a little more beginner friendly than Adobe Premiere. You can also purchase title and animation templates directly through Apple Motion rather than editing them in separate Adobe programs.

A final tip? No matter which software you use, make sure to back up your files! Nothings worse than losing all your hard work to a corrupt file or technical hiccup. If you’re really looking to make video a big part of your marketing take the safe route and invest in a cloud plan or external hard drive. 


Consider the Viewer

The obvious goal of your video is to be shared. When you’re editing, focus on what you want your audience to see, think, and feel.

The best way to spark your creativity? Go watch other people’s videos and see what’s trending!

Are you trying to spark an emotional response? Sharing a clever hack? How you present your material makes a difference in how it’s received by others. Think of your video as a story, with a clear beginning, middle, and ending. If you’re viewers are confused by what they’re watching, they’ll move on to something else.

Studies show that the average viewer’s attention starts to dwindle after 8.25 seconds. To keep your viewers engaged, trying to break up talk-heavy scenes with visuals or infographics. You can also shake up static scenes by varying your camera angles. 


Cut out the fluff

You have a limited amount of time to hold your viewer’s attention and communicate your message. If your video if veering off-topic, cut it down. There’s no point filling your video with irrelevant content.

Make sure to scan your video for mistakes, “ums”, awkward little moments where you may have lost your train of thought (it happens to everyone). Cutting on specific words can help transition to a different topic and make the video flow evenly. 

Tailor for social

Your video’s length really depends on which platform you’re uploading to. Keep this little guideline in mind before you start filming. Save intros/outros for YouTube videos. There’s no need to use them for shorter social media videos.

Facebook: 1 minute

Twitter: 45 seconds

YouTube: 2 Minutes

Instagram: 30 seconds


Add Some Music

Want to use some subtle background music? Here’s a list of sites that offer music with a Creative Commons license.  Just be sure to double check the terms before you use a song. 

Music can add a nice touch and help set the tone of your movie, but make sure to watch the volume! Background music should enhance the scene, not overpower it.


Create a Silent Video

No, not a Charlie Chaplin inspired silent film (although, that may be a fun idea). We mean a soundless video.

Videos on Facebook and Instagram autoplay without the sound, so it’s important to edit with that feature in mind. No one wants a loud video to start playing when they’re standing in line at Starbucks or sneakily browsing Facebook during a boring meeting (don’t do that, BTW).

Using strong visual elements like bright colors, bold fonts, and graphics will help your audience get the gist of what your video’s about when it’s muted.

You can also add captions with iMovie, Premiere Pro, or Facebook Live. Just watch your placement and make sure to use a crisp bold font that’s easy to read at any size.


That’s it for this week’s installment! Check back next week for Part 3 of our mobile video series…we’ll be giving you a run down on how to get more views!

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6 Pro Tips for a Great iPhone Video (Part 1, Great Mobile Video)

It’s no secret, video marketing isn’t going away anytime soon. In fact, by 2019, video will make up over 80% of online consumer traffic.

While anyone can pull out their iPhones and start filming, quality videos take effort.

Not sure where to begin? Our 6 pro tips can help you make a video worth watching.

6 Pro Tips for Great iPhone Video  |  Hue & Tone Creative

1.    Find A Location

While spontaneous videos can work well for social, it’s better to go for a more professional approach for advertising videos and promotional content.  Find a private area where you can focus and feel comfortable. You don’t want your filming to be interrupted by noisy traffic or someone yelling on their phone.

Choose a quiet space alone without any distractions. Want to film outside? Choose your day wisely. Wind is audio’s worst enemy.


2.    Check Your Lighting

Whether you’re filming inside or outside, terrible lighting can ruin an otherwise great video.

Never film directly in front of a window! You’ll wind up looking like a creepy silhouette. 

If you’re shooting outside, indirect lighting is your friend! The best times for filming are typically in the early morning or late afternoon while the lighting is still soft.

Filming inside requires a little more setup than outdoor videos. To make up for a dim space, it’s important to add additional lighting.

You don’t need to blow your budget for great lighting. At just under 60 bucks, this lighting kit is perfect.

Filming near a well-lit window works well in a pinch. Try to avoid shooting under fluorescent lights. They’re way too harsh and super unflattering on camera. 


3. Clean Your Lens

Have you ever watched a video and gotten super distracted by a weird smudge on the screen? We have. Don’t be that person. You want your audience to focus on you, not your dirty screen.


4. Lock Your Exposure & Focus

On an iPhone, your focus and exposure adjusts automatically. While this is great for pictures, it can make a video super choppy and blurry.  

To fix this, focus your camera by tapping and holding the screen. After a few seconds, the AE/AF button will pop up.


5. Film Horizontally

Although most Snaps and Instagram Stories are shot vertically, this is a major don’t for phone videos. Shooting horizontally will ensure that you don’t have any awkward rotation problems when people are watching your video.

And, make sure not to mix vertical and horizontal shots – it’s an editing nightmare!


6. Invest in a Tripod & Mic

Even if you try to hold your phone as steady as possible, you’re still going to end up bumpy shots. We highly suggest buying a tripod. Trust us, it makes all the difference! 

Here are a few options that won’t break the bank:

Along with having a smooth and steady shot, clear audio is essential. Buying a external microphone will ensure that you’re sound isn’t compromised. We personally love our Lavalier mic because it’s travel-friendly and works for phones, laptops, and tablets.

For under $20 you can also by a fuzzy microphone cover to help block out wind and background noise. This 5 pack from eBoot is practically a steal.

We'll be taking next week off from blogging... but be sure to keep an eye out the following two Wednesday's -- we'll be posting two more installments on how to get great mobile video! You’ll be going viral in no time!

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12 Must Reads for Designers, Marketers, & Creatives

The John Grisham can wait, it's time to start expanding your marketing knowledge...

The John Grisham can wait, it's time to start expanding your marketing knowledge...

Whether you’re laying out on the beach, traveling on a plane, or relaxing in your living room, you can never go wrong with a good book.

Because our ever-expanding book list is full of great design, marketing, and inspirational reads, we decided to share our top picks with you.



  1. In Progress: See Inside a Lettering Artist's Sketchbook and Process, from Pencil to Vector by Jessica Hische
    From Wes Anderson movies to book covers, award-wining designer Jessica Hische’s work can be seen just about everywhere. In this in-depth book, Hische shares her process to creating her one-of-a-kind hand-lettering.
  2. The Design of Everyday Things by Don Norman
    What makes a design successful? Cognitive scientist Don Norman explains how design is more than just looking good, it’s about how the overall design affects the user. 
  3. Draplin Design Co.: Pretty Much Everything by Aaron James Draplin
    Portland-based graphic designer Aaron Draplin provides a colorful look into his unique design process. Pretty Much Everything is true to its title. It’s filled with personal stories, a collection of work, and valuable advice for new designers
  4. Logo Design Love: A Guide to Creating Iconic Brand Identities by David Airey
    What makes a logo iconic? Logo Design Love is a must read for designers and marketers alike. Find out what sets strong logos apart from the competition and learn how to create a design of your own. 



  1. Growth Hacker Marketing: A Primer on the Future of PR, Marketing, and Advertising by Ryan Holiday
    Marketer Ryan Holiday explains how brands like Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest became household names without using traditional marketing tactics. Holiday provides a guide for all marketers (no matter what budget) and shows how you can hype up your products and raise brand awareness. 
  2. Hug Your Haters: How to Embrace Complaints and Keep Your Customers by Jay Baer
    In an ideal world, every customer would be happy and satisfied. Unfortunately, this isn’t the reality. Find out how you can turn your complaints into an opportunity to improve your business.
  3. Contagious: Why Things Catch On by Jonah Berger
    Why do some products go viral while others fizzle? Jonah Berger shares how word of mouth and social influence determine what becomes popular. 
  4. Everybody Writes: Your Go-To Guide to Creating Ridiculously Good Content by Ann Handley
    Whether you’re writing a blog or captioning a picture, the words you choose are conveying a message.  Find out how to hone your writing skills and create better written content. 



  1. Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear by Elizabeth Gilbert
    Fans of Eat Pray Love can continue to find inspiration with Gilbert’s latest book. Through soul searching and exercises in mindfulness, Big Magic illustrates how to unlock your creativity and discover what drives you.   
  2. Steal Like an Artist: 10 Things Nobody Told You About Being Creative by Austin Kleon
    Nothing is original. Instead, artists and creatives of every background need to embrace and tap into what makes them different. 
  3. The Creative Habit: Learn It and Use It for Life by Twyla Tharp
    Award winning choreographer Twyla Tharp shares how you can make creativity part of your daily life through a series of exercises.
  4. Creative Confidence: Unleashing the Creative Potential Within Us All by Tom Kelley
    You don’t need an artistic background to think creatively. Kelley shares insight that can help creatives and non-creatives alike become innovators. 


Don't have the time become a self-taught marketing expert? Don't worry, we already know everything we need to launch a game-changing marketing campaign for your business!  From brand refreshes to event marketing, we can help you get your message across.

Moodboards: Museum Favorites

Creative inspiration can be found anywhere, from a scene in a movie to a trip to the museum.

This week, we cracked open our forgotten art history textbooks and found inspiration in the works of Impressionist, Post-Impressionist, and Art Nouveau masters.

No need for an artistic background- simply peruse through our collection of mood boards to find a little inspiration of your own.



Paul Cézanne

This rich mix of cool and warm tones can add a strong pop of color to websites, resumes, or business cards.    



Claude Monet

A bold punch of crimson adds an unexpected contrast to these lily pad greens.



Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec

For this color scheme, we channeled the fast-paced energy of Parisian dance halls filled with quirky partygoers.



Edgar Degas

We loved the soft romantic feel of Degas’ delicate scenes. Adding a mossy green helped keep this pastel palate from feeling too girly.



Gustave Klimt

For this expressive color scheme, we channeled Klimt’s mosaic-like portraits and floral landscapes.


Mary Cassatt.png

Mary Cassatt

Although Cassatt’s Impressionistic scenes were inspired by Degas, she had a style all her own. Lively bursts of yellow and ochre standout against blue and green hues.


Who are your favorite artists? Let us know in the comments!

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Why you need to be using Google Analytics

There are tons of web tools out there, but there’s one you need to be using: Google Analytics.

Google Analytics is powerhouse for data generation. It’s easy to use and can help you figure out what's hindering your site’s user experience. You can figure out where your site traffic comes from, who your users are, and what content they like best.

Why you need to be using Google Analytics  |  Hue & Tone Creative

So, let’s talk a little more about what Google Analytics is and why you should be using it.


What it is:

Google Analytics supplies marketing teams with all the data you and your team need to make better marketing decisions.

Signing up is easy and free -- a major plus for businesses on a budget. Start by filling out some basic info about your company, industry, website, etc. Then, you or your web developer just has to paste a small snippet of JavaScript code into your pages. This custom tracking code allows Google to monitor your pages and how often your site is visited.

Give it a few days and you’ll have access to new data that gives you a better understanding of your customer experience and site performance. 


Why you need to use it:

From big businesses to small blogs, Google Analytics can help provide you with comprehensive insight on who your visitors are and how they use your site.

Google Analytics shows you where your customers are coming from and which channels they use to discover you. Are they finding you through paid ads or organic methods? Do you get more visits through mobile? Which geographic locations bring in the most views? Having access to this data can help you examine trends to get a better feel for who your customers are and how they interact with your brand.

Do you feel like you site is lacking attention? Use Google Analytics to monitor your bounce rate (the percentage of people who leave a website after a single page visit). Figure what your pages are lacking and fill the gaps with engaging content.

Google Analytics can also help you measure your traffic and analyze which blog posts or web pages are the most popular. How many people visit your site each day? Are people responding better to visual content? What writing format attracts more viewers? Google can help you break it down and act as a guide to help you build a more customer-friendly site.

In short, it’s time to get Google Analytics on your site. Get started HERE

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Event Marketing 101: 5 Steps to Getting the Word Out

Getting ready to throw a party, annual conference, or charity fundraiser? It’s never too early to start creating hype for your event. 

Putting time and energy into marketing your event will help spread the word to a wider pool of potential attendees and boost ticket sales. 

Ready to get started? Watch your RSVP list grow with these 5 easy steps. 

Event Marketing 101: 5 Steps to Getting the Word Out  |  Hue & Tone Creative

1. Create an Event page

We suggest getting started with a Facebook event page. You can link it to your business page and invite friends from your personal page, which will help you gain reach fast!  

Here’s a few things to keep in mind to create a standout event page: 

  • Use a bold graphic that draws attention and looks great when it’s resized. Facebook recommends using pictures that are 1920 X 1080 pixels in order maintain clarity. Vector illustrations, event logos, or relevant stock images are all strong options. 
  • Come up with a clear and compelling headline to entice people to attend. 
  • Link all your social channels as well as your brand’s page, website, and a link to buy tickets. 
  • Add as many relevant tags that you can think of to improve your SEO and help possible partygoers find your page. 

If you don’t want to use Facebook, Eventbrite is a great alternative (or great to use in addition to Facebook... more on that below). You can even sell tickets through Eventbrite and link it to your Facebook event page!


2. Send Invites and Save the Dates 

Sidebar: This isn’t the first time we’ve extolled the virtues of Eventbrite! Find our breakdown of the best Eventbrite features here. 

Now that your page is published, start sending those invites! If you want to send something more personal than a Facebook invitation, we’d second our recommendation for using Eventbrite. 

Choose from numerous email templates and add custom text for a personalized touch.  Want something a little more stylish? Eventbrite’s partnership with Event Kingdom offers designer digital invitations. Another plus? Every email invitation can be integrated with MailChimp, making it easier to track things like your open and response rates. 


3. Incentivize ticket sales

There’s no point in organizing an event with no guests. Get the ball rolling and start driving ticket sales as soon as possible. Offering special early bird, military, and group promotions can help you build buzz and sell out fast. Friend referral codes are another fantastic way to expand your guest list and spread the news to wider circles. 

Sidebar: Keep an eye on your metrics so that you can see which channels are thriving and which ones aren’t showing a strong return on investment. 


4. Drive excitement on social

FOMO is real. No one wants to feel left out. Use this to your advantage with creative posts on all your social channels.

  • Use a clever and consistent hashtag on every post or tweet. Be sure to keep it short and make sure no one else is already using it. 
  • Start a giveaway or contest for a chance to win VIP tickets, gift cards, or event swag. 
  • Post behind the scenes videos or Boomerangs. 
  • Hosting a DIY event? Create a mini poll and invite followers to vote on an activity. 
  • Countdown the event on Twitter as it gets closer. 

5. Keep Sharing at the Event

Pro tip: Be sure to screenshot and collect images from people – you can use these to help promote your event next year! 

Even when the event begins, the sharing shouldn’t stop. Sharing behind the scenes live videos and sneak peeks can help drum up last minute attendees. Don’t forget to send out another wave of reminder emails for tickets. 

When the party starts, keep the excitement going by encouraging your guests to share pictures on social paired with your event hashtag. Another fun touch is creating your own custom Geo filter for Snapchat. 

Now that you have some new tools and tips at your disposal, start promoting!

Event Marketing & Graphic Design in Greensboro, NC and Winston Salem

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Moodboards: Around the world

Summertime is just around the corner and we’ve been bitten by the travel bug.

To quench our recent wanderlust, we used some creative energy to build a few mood boards inspired by beautiful destinations around the world.

Ready? Let’s go!

Around the world moodboards  |  Hue & Tone Creative


Craving a trip to the sea? Relax on the warm shores of Mykonos and explore the winding cliffside villages of Santorini.


Around the world moodboards  |  Hue & Tone Creative


From famous works of art to incredible food, Italy never fails to impress. We channeled the country’s rich culture and ancient landmarks for this warm and earthy mood board.


Around the world moodboards  |  Hue & Tone Creative


Even though the Northern Lights are most visible in the wintertime, summertime in Iceland is full of natural beauty.


Around the world moodboards  |  Hue & Tone Creative

The South of France

Fragrant lavender, picturesque beaches, and charming hillside villages helped inspire this airy color scheme.


Around the world moodboards  |  Hue & Tone Creative


Whether you’re wandering the busy city of London, or enjoying the simplicity of the countryside, England is full of things to do and places to visit.


Around the world moodboards  |  Hue & Tone Creative


Spain is the perfect destination for creative spirits and nomads alike. The vibrant streets and whimsical architecture sparked this bold and quirky palate.


Want even more inspiration? Revisit our past mood boards here.  

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LIVE VIDEO: What you need to know

Live video is quickly becoming one of the top ways to watch, share, and interact with brands. When surveyed, 80% of people said they would rather watch a live video than read a blog... in fact, we should probably be broadcasting this content to you right now...

Before you hit "record" on your smart phone, let’s check in about the state of live video on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Update on Live Video  |  Hue & Tone Creative

Facebook Live

With an audience of over 78 million, Facebook Live is one of the best platforms to use if you want to connect and engage with your followers in real time. The interface is intuitive and easy to use and as soon as you go live Facebook notifies your followers. 

A few of our favorite features:

  • When streaming is complete, anyone who missed your video can watch the complete video on your business page.  
  • Your followers can easily express how much they like (or love) what you're doing with the emoji reaction buttons during streaming.
  • If you're looking to connect with your followers on a more personal level, you can also engage with your viewers by responding to their comments/questions live. It’s a great way to connect with your followers on a more personal level!

Our only warning about Facebook Live? It's prone to lagging, so we recommend streaming only when you have a 4G signal or WIFI connection.



Twitter makes live video streaming simple with help from Periscope -- and videos are 6 times more likely to be retweeted than images. 

Periscope viewers watch over 110 years of live content daily!

Periscope is a live video app that lets mobile users stream anytime, anywhere. Twitter purchased the app in 2015, so every video you create on Twitter also gets posted to Periscope. This is a great way to expand your reach and expose your brand to audiences around the world. 

A few of our favorite features:

  • Twitter’s streaming process is user friendly and full of engaging features. Viewers can “heart” your videos, comment, and ask questions while the video is live.
  • You can use the Periscope Global Map to broadcast your stream to an international audience. 
  • 360 Video. Similar to Facebook, the videos are marked with a 360 badge and viewers can easily move the perspective around with their fingertips. While 360s are currently only available for select businesses, Twitter plans to roll out 360 to all users soon -- and you will need a specific camera to film.




Need more details and ideas on what to post to Instagram? Check out this guide we put together for some inspiration!

Unlike Facebook, Instagram Stories are temporary (they last 24 hours). And, live videos on Instagram disappear as soon as you’re done filming, so this platform is best for people who only want to share videos with their followers. The videos aren’t stored anywhere, so there’s no way to rewatch it.  

While you’re filming live you can check the number of viewers that have tuned into your broadcast and you can start a Q & A session in the comments. Keeping an eye on the number of videos can help gauge how interested viewers are in the video.


That's the update! What other live video updates are you most excited about? 

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