Which Adobe programs should I by?

A few other products worth checking out:

  • Project Felix
  • Premier Pro
  • InCopy
  • Prelude
  • Muse
  • Character Animator

Photoshop is probably the Adobe program you've heard the most about -- but it's only one piece of the larger Adobe Suite.   

Adobe has over twenty different programs to pick from! And, it can be a little overwhelming if you're new to Adobe or trying to figure out what to learn next. 

This isn't an exhaustive list, just an overview of some of the apps creatives are likely to find most useful. If you don't see what you're looking for here, head over to Adobe's website for an overview of some of their more specialty products. 



From basic retouching to creating detailed photo compositions, Photoshop should be your go-to tool for working with raster images. Images are imported into Photoshop in layers for maximum flexibility, and it's widely used by artists of all kinds. 

Perfect For: photo editing and manipulation, web/app layouts, digital art



Lightroom is a photo processor and image editor that can help you organize and fine-tune your images. It's primary function is to catalog and sort your images. You can touch up basics like brightness and contrast, but for the heavy duty editing you'll need to head over to Photoshop.

Perfect for: viewing, organizing and retouching large numbers of digital images



Adobe InDesign is the perfect program to create high quality print and digital publications. InDesign possesses intensive typographical features that make it the go to for longer or text-heavy publications like books, white papers, and newspapers.  It's also great for shorter print documents like brochures and company newsletters. 

Perfect For: print materials, résumés, business cards, and cover letters, creating magazines and eBooks


Illustrator is a must have for any graphic designer. Illustrator specializes in creating vector images (unlike Photoshop which works only with raster graphics). Vector images can be scaled up or down indefinitely without manipulating the image. 

Perfect for: logo design, vector illustrations, icon creation, infographics


After Effects

Adobe After Effects is the industry standard for creating professional special effects and animations. It has a variety of high-powered effects which allow you to do things like create a rain simulation, create custom titles, or zoom through your clips in 3-D space. Beware, After Effects only lets you work with one clip at a time, so it's not the right choice if you're looking to splice together a series of video clips. 

Perfect for: animation, motion graphics, cinematic effects, green screening


Adobe is a production and editing tool meant for working with multiple video clips. It's perfect for editing together things like commercials, testimonials, and news video. Whether you're working on a short or long video project, Premiere is for you.

Perfect for: commercials, webcasts, documentaries



Dreamweaver is a must have for web designers and developers. This program has a customizable interface and allows you to see your edits in real time. If you’re new to coding, Dreamweaver has built in code hints and Quick Docs to help you along the way.

Perfect for: Web design (supports: ActionScript, ASP, C#, CSS, ColdFusion, EDML, XHTML, XML, XSLT, HTML, Java, JavaScript, PHP, VB, VBScript, and WML) 



Adobe offers several different plan options for individuals, businesses, students/ teachers, and universities. We’re going to focus on the individual plans today. If you’re interested in some of the other options, you can learn more here.

Photography- $9.99 a month

  • Includes Photoshop CC and Lightroom CC
  • Portfolio website

Single App- $19.99 a month

  • Includes your choice of one desktop program
  • 20 GB of cloud storage
  • Premium fonts
  • Portfolio website

All Apps- $49.99 a month

  • Includes all the Creative Cloud programs for desktop and mobile
  • Portfolio website
  • 20 GB of cloud storage
  • Premium fonts

All Apps and Adobe Stock- $79.98 a month

  • Includes every Creative Cloud application for both mobile and desktop
  • 10 free Adobe Stock photos
  • One free month of Adobe Stock

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