Color Stories: Flat Lay Finds

If you loved iSpy as a kid, these eclectic flat lays are going to catch your eye...eye for detail that is! 

Flat lays not only make great Instagram posts, but they can also be great design inspiration. A stylized color scheme is part of what makes a good flat lay eye-catching social media gold... as opposed to just a pile of junk on a white background. 

We grabbed a few of our favorite flat lays from Twenty20 and let them inspire 6 unique color schemes! 

Color Stories: Flat Lay Finds  |  Hue & Tone Creative

Sixties Citrus

This color story is looking to make a statement -- 60’s inspired citrus hues pair with a pop of electric strawberry for a modern look that will practically knock your go-go boots off!

Fall Bazaar

An unexpected spin on fall, a muted rosewood hue pairs with a pink that packs a peppy punch. A pale olive and citron pull together this surprising style.

Color Stories: Flat Lay Finds  |  Hue & Tone Creative

Punchy Post-its

Earthy sage pairs with a bright salmon and a goldenrod yellow... these post-it notes inspired a color scheme almost good enough to eat! 

Artboard 2Events.png

Neon Stamp Collection

We pulled these punchy colors out of a dynamic stamp collection. If you’ve seen our logo you know we’re obsessed with citron – add a luscious grape color, a toned down teal, and a calming grey and you’ve got a girly, but fresh, color scheme.

Color Stories: Flat Lay Finds  |  Hue & Tone Creative

Colorful Cars

Whether you’re a racecar driver or an everyday commuter, we bet this color scheme really revs your engine!

Color Stories: Flat Lay Finds |  Hue & Tone Creative

Beige Business

The most muted of the group, this flat lay takes business style to a new place. Soft lavender, navy, and pistachio green give these guys a serene look during a hectic day at their make-believe office.


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