Balmy beach schemes

We love what we do -- but vacation is what refreshes us. Visiting a new city, traveling to the beach, or even taking an afternoon out of the office to wander Greensboro can result in major creativity. So, that’s what inspired us this week -- shorelines, sunshine, downtowns, and shopping.

Even if you’re not able to take time off just yet, you can use these colors to infuse the vacation mindset into your work. Do the beach your way with these fun color schemes -- use them to inspire an outfit, inform a design...or maybe they’ll even push you to plan a few days out of the office!

Spring Color Schemes -- Hue & Tone

Want to use these colors in your own work? Here are the hex colors:

Top left: #9ACA3C | #6569B0 | #3296D3 | #ED9DBA
Top right: #9A5294 | #93D5D3 | #F58A67 | #F5E472
Bottom left: #035385 | #FACBCA | #27B999 | #F27171
Bottom right: #E72937 | #C2E2F7 | #D9E253 | #5D2A5E

What colors do you find most inspiring? Is it bright colors like these? Or deep mountain colors? Tell us in the comments!