Our Work: Creating Community Week (print and web)

I've mentioned our work for Revolution Mill, a historic redevelopment site in Greensboro offering office and event space, a restaurant and (soon) residential.  Here's a look at the print and web collateral we created for Creating Community Week, a series of events aimed at sharing the vision of Revolution Mill with the public.

Print and web collateral for Revolution Mill Creating Community Week -- Hue & Tone Creative

A few notes about the work: 

  • The design needed some visual and textual continuity, which is why we developed the seal-style logo you see here.
  • A consistent (but not rigid) color scheme of red and teal adds to the continuity between each piece.
  • The look here is consistent but not uniform, as the audience for each event varied -- from residents of the surrounding neighborhood to creatives/ad agencies to CEOs and community officials.

Let us know what you think! We'll be back tomorrow with a few links to end the week.