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Meet Karissa: SCAD Grad + Design Lover

Hi everyone!

I’m Karissa Johnson and last week I began my social + web internship at Hue & Tone Creative! I first started my creative education after becoming obsessed with Project Runway. I started studying fashion right away – but, after making a lopsided shirt in my fashion tech class, I made the *smart* choice to study Fashion Marketing instead.

I graduated from the Fashion Marketing and Management program at the Savannah College of Art and Design, and I’m currently studying Graphic Design and Advertising online at Wake Tech. My interest in graphic design was piqued when I started using Photoshop to create mood boards for my marketing projects. Even though my interest in graphic design was sparked during my SCAD days, I didn’t make the leap to graphic design until recently. I’m excited about this new internship because it will give me the opportunity to learn and experience a new field that I’m passionate about.

There’s a lot that inspires me, but I wanted to start off by giving everyone a sense of my design aesthetic. Here’s a mood board I created – it’s a bit of a visual representation of some of the things and styles I love.

Meet Karissa Moodboard -- Hue & Tone Creative

If you want to know even more about my favorite things, I’ve got a few inspiration recommendations for you:

Favorite Movies/Shows: The list could go on forever! Some of my favorites are Penny Dreadful, Amelie, and Game of Thrones.  I’ve also always loved Wes Anderson movies -- his strong use of color and symmetrical composition never fails to impress me.

Hobbies: I love to work with my hands and am happiest when I can use my creative energy making something. Drawing, painting, and baking are some of my favorite outlets. I also recently made a succulent terrarium with a friend. (Succulents are so pretty!)… But, unfortunately, only two of my four plants are still alive. Even though my grandma is an amazing gardener, I seem to have a black thumb.

My top sources of inspiration:

  • This Is Colossal has an amazing collection of design, illustration, and photography from artists around the world. I’m always amazed by what people are capable of creating. But, don’t take my word for it, browse for yourself:
  • I was introduced to Design Sponge during my internship with Anthropologie. It’s a beautifully curated blog filled with DIY projects, home interiors, and guides for creative professionals.

Now that I’ve told you a little about me, leave us a comment telling us what inspires you! And, follow Karissa on Instagram to stay up-to-date on all her creative endeavors!

Meet Camille (Hue & Tone's Newest Intern)

Hi all,

I’m Camille Nesi -- Hue & Tone’s newest intern!

I am currently a senior at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro working to receive my degree in Communication Studies, and plan to *fingers crossed* graduate this December.  I started blogging for Hue & Tone almost a month ago, and have loved every minute of it! (Check out one of my favorite Friday Links posts here). What I love about Hue & Tone is that it’s a small business -- I get to gain hands on experience and feel like what I’m doing really affects the bottom line!

Some fun facts about myself:

·      I know Greensboro like the back of my hand—I was born and raised here!

·      My day doesn’t start until my coffee does.

·      My favorite thing to learn more about is creating eye-catching graphics!

·      When I’m not blogging, or in school I’m a “barretender” at Pure Barre Greensboro.

·      Reality TV is my guilty pleasure (Any Real Housewives series or Dance Moms).

·      Tacos are my weakness, (Crafted The Art of the Taco)

·      My favorite place to study and work done is Green Joes Coffee Shop.

·      Favorite quote: “If your dreams don’t scare you they’re not big enough.”

·      If I didn’t have anything to do all day, I would spend it on Pinterest.

·      I’m striving to be the next #girlboss (if you haven’t checked out Sophia Amoruso’s book you can pick up a copy from Amazon here).

Let’s be friends! Find me on social media: Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn

A Beginner's Guide to Finding a Job: Interview Tips

Hue & Tone Creative - A Beginner's Guide to Finding a Job

If you read our Beginner's Guide to Finding a Job series this summer, you may be wondering what happened to Intern Kelly.

Kelly's tips and tricks for the job search worked well -- so well that she found and accepted her first post-grad job! We're sharing the final post in Kelly's series here today.

It covers all aspects of the interview preparation process. And if there's one aspect of pre-freelance life I remember most vividly, it's job interviews. 

They can be completely nervewracking...but I've learned that being completely, carefully prepared is the best possible way to stave off nerves. There's no such thing as being too prepared for an interview. 

Kelly's tips, which cover everything from initial prep to follow-up, are below. 

Whether you have a phone, Skype, or face-to-face interview, being confident and prepared is crucial. In most cases, phone interviews are the first step in landing a face-to-face interview—so it’s important to nail it! Here are a few ways to make sure the interview process goes smoothly: 

1. Prepare.

Know your stuff. Research the company before the interview so that you're comfortable discussing the services, culture, and expectations of the company. During my own job search, these questions were often asked right out of the gate -- usually during phone interviews. 

2. Ask questions.

Make sure to ask questions during the interview process.  Asking questions demonstrates your genuine interest in the potential position and your engagement with the process, and shows the interviewer you're eager to learn more. A few of my favorite questions to ask are: 

What are the biggest challenges the person in this position will face?

What would a successful first year in the position look like?

What are the qualities someone in this position need to succeed?

3. Show off your previous work.

For phone or Skype interviews, attach a link to your online portfolio when you confirm the interview time, or when you send your resume.  Print out samples for in person interviews – it’s always better to be overly prepared, and having printed samples can help guide the conversation if you find yourself forgetting your accomplishments.

4. Look the part.

Interviewers will take in how you look before you even start talking – and Skype interviews are no exception! It is important to look your best. While the attire that's considered professional varies depending on the industry, for men it generally involves wearing a tailored suit, with nice shoes.  A dark colored suit will also do the trick for women, with a short close-toed heel. When in doubt, wear business professional dress, pay attention to what others in your industry are wearing, and keep makeup and jewelry to a minimum.  

5. Follow up.

Chances are you won’t be the only one interviewing for a position – don’t let the interviewer forget about you! Immediately after your interview, jot down notes in the car about your conversation. Nothing is too insignificant – write down everything from position specifics and project details to the names of your interviewer's children. While these smaller details may not be useful in the short-term, you’ll be glad you have them if you go back for a second interview or end up getting the position. Add your interviewer on LinkedIn and follow-up with a well-thought-out email.

Thanks for following along with this series! If you're an interviewing pro, I'd love to know your tips. What calms your pre-interview jitters? What's your answer for "what's your biggest weakness"? Let me know in the comments below.