Client Spotlight: The Skinny Wallet Diet

The Skinny Wallet Diet is financial planning for the average person. Most people don’t need a stockbroker or expensive financial advisor... they need to know how to start saving and spending responsibly. With 10 years of experience Mary Edwards is the perfect person to help you do that.

That’s where we come in -- when Mary Edwards was looking for a new website to take The Skinny Wallet Diet to the next level we were ready to jump into action. Most of the Skinny Wallet Diet’s clients are female -- so we knew we could pull in some fun, girly colors. We started with different shades of pinks and toned them down to keep them from looking goofy (this is finance after all). 

Here's the moodboard we put together to inspire the website:  

We won't bog you down in the little details of our process, but from there we worked with Mary to develop the content for each page. We created custom graphics, set up all the technical details, and made things like these little graphics:

Screen Shot 2016-09-13 at 6.18.28 PM.png

As The Skinny Wallet continues to develop we wanted to set Mary up with a site that would draw potential clients in, but would also be easy to update in the future.

Take the new site for a spin HERE or flip through some screenshots of the homepage:

Our favorite thing about this site is the unconventional color scheme -- it's the perfect blend of serious and creative. We can't wait to see The Skinny Wallet use their new website continue to grow! 

Want a regular little dose of the Skinny Wallet? Follow their brand new account on Twitter at @theskinnywallet.