What we've been working on...

You may have noticed that we haven't been around much on the blog lately. Our days have been filled to the brim -- packed with social media scheduling, logo design, video shoots, client meetings, and a few cups of coffee to keep it moving along. 

 It has been harried and busy and interesting and fun. On a serious note, I'm grateful for the opportunity to support organizations and individuals as they sort through the puzzle of explaining who they are to their audiences. It's my favorite kind of work and I'm glad I get to do it every day. 

Moving on, though, I wanted to share a little of what I've been working on since I last spent time in this space.

What we've been working on... -- Hue & Tone Creative

Downtown Greensboro banners





I've loved making a home in Greensboro, NC. It's one of those cities that's the perfect size -- big enough that there's plenty to do, small enough to know your neighbors -- and there are great things happening downtown. I partnered with the City of Greensboro to design these banners, which augment the city's placemaking efforts and establish the feel of downtown Greensboro for visitors and locals alike.

Action Greensboro print ad

This ad captures the spirit of Action Greensboro, which harnesses the energy of local business, education and government to strengthen the economy and ensure a great quality of life in Greensboro. This design needed to be clean and simple, while still capturing the verve and vibrancy of the work.

Social Media - Revolution Mill

I'm lucky to call Revolution Mill my home away from home (it's the location we chose for Hue & Tone's offices). Revolution Mill is a new live/work/play development in downtown Greensboro; the site has a rich history and is on the National Register of Historic Places. Social media for this client has to strike a balance; we need to highlight the great opportunities at Revolution Mill now (from studio, office, and event space to restaurant concepts and residential coming soon) while remaining grounded in the history of the space and sharing the story of preservation that's happening. 

I'd love to know -- what projects have you been working on lately?