A Few Favorite Projects

Things are moving quickly here at Hue & Tone, and I’ll have updates on a few new projects to share soon! For now, I thought I’d share a few of my favorite projects from the past. 

Elgie – Jewelry + Design
Laura, the owner of an accessories-based boutique startup, came to me wanting branding (web and print) that matched her stylish, edgy aesthetic.  The project gave me a chance to wade into a little bit of everything, from an Etsy-integrated website to print collateral. We wove all of that together with a colorful, geometric design that was cohesive, appealing, and fun.

Branding + Resumes 
I LOVE creating resumes and other personal branding materials for clients. It’s an opportunity to get to know someone and figure out how to communicate their strengths; plus, every industry is different so the design options vary. I’ve done bright, punchy colors for an actress; neat, modular blocks for a PR rep, clean and simple for an architect, and a little of everything else, too. 

Living to Grow, Growing to Live 
Creating this ten-minute documentary on sustainability and 21st-century marketing was the best opportunity. It gave me the chance to edit, assign, build a story and really summarize a complicated issue in a fast-paced, visually appealing way. I love projects that allow me use my skills in communication to create a compelling message. 

Do you need help telling a visually grabbing story? Want to fall in love with your own personal brand? Let’s talk! hannah@hueandtonecreative.com