Something new, something old: Establishing Hue & Tone

Welcome to Hue & Tone! The new, relocated home of Hannah Pomphrey Graphic Design, with expanded capacity and a whole lot of new ideas. As I return to full-time design + creative, I wanted to share a bit of my freelancing story.

I fell into freelancing by accident…actually, I didn't even realize I was falling in.  When a friend’s parents asked me to create a logo for their new business, I jumped at the chance – I had just finished my first internship at a graphic design firm and was eager to have a project all to myself.

It wasn’t until my first “client” gave me a $100 “tip” that I realized I had just found my new side hustle. After a little bit of planning, I set out with my VistaPrint business cards in hand to find myself some new clients. I cold called and did pro-bono work for local non-profits until I found enough momentum to begin working almost solely on referrals.

Recently, I took a break from freelancing full-time to try out a 9-5 as a Marketing Specialist. I packed up my mismatched furniture and my massive shoe collection and relocated to Greensboro, NC with the intention of settling into my much more “normal” 9-5 job.

Turns out, this 9-5 thing isn’t for everyone. Even the parts of freelancing that I thought weren’t for me – the irregular income, quirky clients, and doing my own taxes -- were some of the things I missed the most. While some might call irregular paychecks and lulls in work terrifying, it now seems like some much needed work-life spice.

After only four months in my regular 9-5 job, I’m excited to establish my freshly rebranded business in my new hometown.

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