Client Spotlight: Meghan's Resume

While I spend a lot of time working on branding (and accompanying collateral) for businesses, nonprofits, and other organizations, I also really enjoy developing branding, logos, resumes and websites for individuals. 

This week's Client Spotlight (a first for the Hue & Tone blog!) shows what we created for Meghan, a young professional whose career transition required a branding about-face. 

Client Spotlight: Meghan's Resume -- Hue & Tone Creative

Who She Is: A twenty-something working in journalism -- and searching for a role outside that field.

What She Needed: The resume Meghan had been using was colorful, bold, and nontraditional. It worked just fine in her creative field, but was too much for many of the companies and organizations on her "to apply" list. She needed something that was clean and conservative -- without looking like a resume template.

What We Delivered: Meghan's new resume features muted colors, clean typefaces, and simple lines. The result is a look that's appropriate for any industry, while still standing out from the rest of the stack. I'm happy to report that it helped her land her dream job in government.

The takeaway? It's easy to think, especially if you work in a creative industry, that colors and branding in general are off-limits. That's not the case. Making strategic decisions about branding, informed by your knowledge of the industry you're targeting, will help you achieve your career goals. I've seen it happen time and time again!

What decisions have you made about your personal brand? Does it serve your goals & purpose? If you're not sure, let's connect.