Free Download: Valentine's Day Cards

We’re posting our blog a day early this week to help you prepare for Valentine’s Day!

 If you’re short on time – or if you’re just looking for something a little more creative than what you can buy in the store — than we’ve got three bright and bold designs for you to select from.

All cards can be printed on standard 8.5 x 11 paper so you can easily print them at home or in your office! No email is required, just click on your favorite card, print it out, and give it to your sweetie.

Happy downloading!

Greeting Card Mockup Psd 02.jpg


Hue & Tone Creative: Your Design partner

Looking for your own custom designs? Whether it’s a greeting card or an entire rebrand, we love working on all things type, color, and design related. Let’s discuss how we can work together — contact us here.

Get your color on

If you're like us, being creative just breeds more creativity. We've been working on a lot of ultra creative projects lately -- everything from branding to creating fun eye-catching gifs -- and all of that innovating had us ready to make a fun new freebie. 

Test your coloring creativity with these fun pattern print outs! 

Love the end result? Tag us on social (@hueandtone) so we can see what you came up with! 

Freebie: Dream Big Wallpaper

Last week on the blog, Camille (our fabulous new Intern) shared her favorite quote -- "If your dreams don't scare you they're not big enough." -- so we decided to her favorite mantra into a daring new download. 

Just click to download! 

Or check out the mobile version here!

Want to see your favorite quote on one of our Freebies? Comment below! 

Friday Links: Fresh + Free Wallpaper

If you’re like me you haven’t changed your desktop background or iPhone wallpaper in a few months. I realized this week it’s time for change -- so shake it up and try one of these 5 wallpaper designs RIGHT NOW!

One | Summer is right around the corner, brighten up your wallpaper with summer colors!

Two | Patterns are a girls best friend, right?  We are loving these fun patterns for your laptop, cell phone, or even coffee cups! (You can find the coffee cups at Target).

Three | If you’re like me, you need all the motivation you can get. Here’s a reminder whenever you’re in need of a pep talk!

Four | Pretty pink, watercolor, and flowers? We’ll take it! Download this free gorgeous wallpaper.

Five | Geometric shapes anyone? For fun prints, check these out!

Which wallpaper did you pick to try out? Let us know in the comments!

Freebie: Desk scene coloring page

We use the blog as a place to experiment. A place to try new things and different styles. Last month we tested the waters with a custom coloring page and now we're giving it a second go. 

This page features a hero-style office supplies image. We may be the only one obsessed with art and office supplies, so if that's the case, excuse us while we have our fun! 

Download our latest coloring page here

Freebie: Floral Coloring Page

Adult coloring is all the rage right now. If you haven't tested out this fad for yourself, we've got the perfect way for you to give it a try -- for this weeks freebie, we tried our hand at making our own coloring page. We went with a fun floral pattern, but we're considering a geometric coloring page next -- what do you think? 

Freebie: Fierce + Flexible Wallpaper

The snow has had us dreaming of spring -- and it's definitely showing up in our work! It can be a hard realization that some days you just need to slow down and take some time to regroup. Over the last few snow days (and sick days) we've been working to strike a balance between being persistent and but also being flexible!

For those of you who also need a reminder to be both fierce + flexible, we've designed this free wallpaper! Just click for full resolution downloads!


We hope everybody has a great week! Have a saying you want to see on our Freebie wallpaper? Share it in the comments!

Celestial Winter Color Schemes

Inspired by the chill in the air, these winter color schemes are light, celestial and a little ethereal. Check out the hex coordinates below to use these colors in your own graphics, branding, or website. 

Which of these color schemes is your personal favorite? 

Color Breakdowns: 

Image One: #6D6CA7 | #A5789C | #D2BAC0 | #E5E2EB | #F6DAC6

Image Two: #828189 | #B2B5C4 | #FBF1E8 | #D8CDD1 | #A28E8D

Image Three: #535D69 | #87A4B1 | #C4D1DA | #E5E2EB | #D2BAC0

Freebie: Modern + Bright Quote Templates

After almost a month offline, we're back -- and our site is better than ever. We've added a few fresh graphics, updated our portfolio, and created a more informative homepage. 

Best of all, we have a bright new set of quote templates to share with you. Optimized for social media, this set of three templates features pop art inspired colors. The high contrast between the colorful accents and dark grey background makes for a can't miss graphic that will stand out on any social media feed.

While we're always a fan of clean and simple, we have a soft spot for this playful diamond pattern (perfect for fashion bloggers)!

Download the Adobe Illustrator file here to start customizing! 

Have a request for a freebie? Tell us in the comments section! 

Freebie: Happy holidays!

Happy holidays from Hue & Tone Creative! 

The season is in full swing, so we wanted to offer a few fun freebies as a way to say thank you for supporting Hue & Tone this year. 

First, here's a wallpaper to help you get in the spirit. Just click on the image below to download a high-res version. 

And, if you're looking for something to post from your social media accounts, here's a graphic that will work for brands/businesses/organizations or personal accounts. We'd love to see what you'd do with it -- tag us on Facebook or on Twitter/Instagram at @hueandtone.

Happy Holidays -- Hue & Tone Creative

It's been an incredible year and, again, we're so grateful for the support and friendship Hue & Tone has received from the Greensboro community and beyond. Wishing a wonderful holiday season to each person reading!