This client was starting a production company. She knew she wanted the company’s name — Aardvark Stories — represented in the logo, but wasn’t sure, beyond that, what creative direction she wanted to take. After some sketching, testing and brainstorming, this logo emerged — one that integrates the idea of film with the company’s less descriptive name, while remaining visually grabbing and one-of-a-kind.

Large Format design.

Displayed throughout the city's downtown, these double-sided banners are a good representation of our large-format work. They feature two strong, clean illustrations that establish the feel of downtown Greensboro and complement the placemaking efforts of city officials. The banners are visually appealing without being visually complex -- making the final product consumable for the average viewer, who is passing the banners while driving or walking through Greensboro's streets. 

Brochure Design.

A functional, visually dynamic brochure created for BeaconPath, a human resources
firm based in Mission Viejo, CA.

In business, it can be tough to stand out from the pack. The goal of this project was to create gripping visual content that would help BeaconPath do just that. Use of the firm’s existing logo and color scheme maintained brand integrity, while Varied paper sizes, a simple back folder pocket, and crisp, clean design freshened the look and made it more consumer-friendly.


Pitch VideO.

This pitch video is, at its heart, a look at daily life inside the live-work-create community of Revolution Mill. It serves a strategic (and serious) purpose, but it's also visually rich and easy to view. The video is snappy, concise, and full of unique voices, familiarizing newcomers with the property and communicating a potential business partner's understanding of the owners' vision. 

Comprehensive branding.

Hue & Tone created this website and comprehensive branding for CSDHH, a nonprofit that provides communication services for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing. The organization had just celebrated its 40th anniversary, but had never been branded -- so it was a true start-from-scratch scenario and a fun challenge to take on. We delivered natural, earth-toned branding that didn't go straight for the obvious motifs, like hands or ears. The repeating imagery of keys represents with the right level of subtlety that this is an organization that's unlocking doors and breaking down barriers for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing community, and CSDHH's new tagline -- Opening Doors, Connecting People -- brings that theme full-circle. 



On the web

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Around CSDHH's office

Social Media Graphics


MailChimp Template


Developed logo and branding, along with a basic collateral package — business cards, envelope, letterhead — for Elias Landscaping, a landscaping company based in Concord, NC. The finished look strikes an important balance: It’s sleek and modern without
straying from classic professional standards, helping Elias stand out from the competition, and do so in the right way.

Documentary Video.

We created this ten-minute documentary, which focuses on sustainability and 21st-century farming in western North Carolina, along with a team of four as part of a senior capstone course. I edited the full film and designed all of its graphic elements, and assisted with story-boarding, shot lists, and technical planning and training. The result is a complex issue summarized efficiently in ten minutes, offering a personal look at grassroots social issues in a fast-paced, attention-holding format.

Social Media Management.

Comprehensive social media management for Munday Hardwoods, a direct-to-consumer retailer based in Lenoir, North Carolina.

When I met the owners of Munday Hardwoods, they found themselves in a position many family business-owners might find familiar: There was no time in their packed schedule for social media. And even if there was, what would they post?

I worked with the Mundays to develop a tone and voice consistent with the values of their business, and to narrow down some tangible goals for social media. Using those conversations as my guide, I manage social advertising and three social channels — Facebook, Pinterest, and Houzz for Munday Hardwoods, and have tripled the business’s Facebook following.


RESUMe Design.

We specialize in developing personal branding materials — from traditional resumes to interactive websites — for professionals in any field. Comprehensive professional design, geared toward you and your goals, will help you move the needle on your own career advancement.

Here, view examples of personal branding materials, including logos and unique resumes, created for clients in four different fields — government, architecture, journalism, and acting.


EVENT Collateral.

This cohesive event collateral makes use of the existing Revolution Mill color scheme, while establishing a distinctive look for a new event.

The print pieces are clean and whimsical, putting forth the requested retro vibe without relying on cliches. Event information and deliverables are placed front and center, easy to view and sized appropriately based on the intended use of the different print materials.

The result is grabby and fun, reflecting the spirit of the new event while making it clear that Revolution Mill is behind it all.

print + web design.

During a full-time stint at Triad Goodwill, I handled a broad range of marketing and creative initiatives. That included advertising, in-store campaigns, internal and external communication, email marketing, print collateral, and event planning. I worked to modernize logos and other visual branding, create a cohesive look throughout the organization and, ultimately, better position Triad Goodwill to communicate with stakeholders and serve its constituents. 

Social Media Graphics



Various print and web design projects completed for Wine to Water, a 501(c)3 organization that provides clean water and sanitation to people around the world.

When I started work with Wine to Water, branding was strong in some places but inconsistent as a whole. I worked on a variety of projects for the organization, designing guidebooks, volunteer welcome materials, web graphics, a full annual report and media kit, fact sheets, brochures, order forms, internal communication documents, distributor literature, signs, labels, and T-shirts.

I wove the same graphic elements through each project, making the organization’s total branding more cohesive and effective. Wine to Water’s new, coherent branding came to life in Cana, a new monthly periodical targeted to donors. As part of the team that launched Cana, I created its look and helped shape its content.