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When + why + how to create a new hashtag

Hashtags are everywhere on social media. You’ll see them tacked on to the end of Instagram posts, incorporated into the body of a tweet, and sparingly used on Facebook. They’re key for discovering and organizing social media posts – they make it easy for you to find additional posts on a related topic so that you can more easily contribute to the conversation on a topic.

 But, why should you start your own hashtag(s)? The easy answer is to group your posts together so that people can find more of your content. However, you don’t want to start randomly making hashtags with no rhyme or reason – that will only confuse people and further bury your content.  

Let’s dive into the why – and when – you start your own hashtag. 

When + why + how to create a new hashtag  |  Hue & Tone Creative

The why

Some hashtags are overused -- meaning they get a lot of reach – but after a while the content associated with them may turn into spam. Piggybacking off already popular hashtags can help get you a lot of reach, but your posts may also get lost in the shuffle. 

By creating your own, you can help convert a follower of a more general topic (for example, #marketing), into someone that follows you (#hueandtone). When people discover your content using a general hashtag, the theory is that they’ll want to see more, leading them click on your branded hashtag to see what else you have to offer.  

By creating your own hashtag, you’ll be able to: 

  • Stand out from the crowd

  • Cement credibility and establish authority

  • Increase your engagement and reach

  • Create cross-channel awareness (if you use it consistently) 

  • Be able to track posts other people make about your brand

The when

While there should be a solid reason beyond creating a new hashtag, we also suggest you have fun and play around with them. See what sticks before making it part of your brand identity. As an example, #ShareACoke, has become a staple part of Coca Cola’s social strategy. It works well, because it encourages recurring interaction and tagging. 

That said, some popular reasons for creating custom hashtags include:

  • Launching a new product, service, or campaign

  • Posting live updates from an event

  • Hosting a live chat or Q&A session

  • Running a competition

  • Establishing a general hashtag for your brand 

In each of the above instances, using previously and frequently used hashtags can cause havoc. Not only do they make it difficult for you to monitor, but it can confuse your audience. You don’t want to put your followers in the position of having to scroll through irrelevant content just to find what they’re looking for. 


How to create a hashtag in 5 simple steps 

When + why + how to create a new hashtag  |  Hue & Tone Creative

1.  First things first, define your goals. Some fairly common ones include increasing:

  • Brand conversations

  • Visibility

  • Total link clicks

  • Total reach

  • Mentions

  • Followers

  • Likes

Behavioral patterns vary on different networks, so if you’re using your new hashtag across multiple social channels, you should set goals specific for each one.


2.  The fun part - get creative! But make sure your hashtag’s the right balance between engaging and easily understandable -- if people don’t instantly grasp it, the effect’s kind of lost.

Here are some simple tips to start you off: 

  • Keep it short and snappy

  • Make it easy to remember

  • Ensure it’s relevant to your brand

  • Don’t make it too generic

  • Check it doesn’t have any obscure double meanings -- let’s not forget the #susanalbumparty fail!

3. Do your research. Make sure it’s not already in use on anysocial media networks, and double-check it doesn’t, for whatever reason, have any potentially offensive roots or connotations. 


4.  Make it actionable. At the end of the day, every marketer’s end goal is to drive revenue. Even if your hashtag’s goal is to increase social follows, the bigger picture is more sales. So, if you can, put an actionable spin on your new hashtag -- ask a question, play on an emotion, encourage engagement, or incite urgency, for example.


5.  Last but certainly not least, triple check your hashtag for typos and post it! See what kind of reaction you get, and if you feel like the tag falls flat after a handful of posts, then don’t be afraid to try out a new one. 

Hue & Tone Creative: SOCIAL MEDIA Services for Greensboro and beyond

Struggling to keep up with the comments, likes, and mentions on your posts? Can’t come up with a creative hashtag? Stumped for original content ideas? We can handle all of that for you. From multi-channel audits to content generation and social media monitoring, Hue & Tone is the solution for all your social media woes.

12 things you need to be doing for social media success

12 Things You Need to Be Doing for Social Media Success  |  Hue & Tone Creative

Successful social media will generate quality leads, drive sales, and reinforce branding. But creating quality content takes a lot of planning, creativity, and time. 

Once you’ve identified your goals and audience, it’s time to start brainstorming quality content that will engage your followers. If you've already done that, but feel like your engagement is low, we've got a few tips for you to try. 

These 12 tactics should help you secure those elusive likes, shares, follows, clicks or leads: 

1.  Engage with your audience

Despite what the name implies, it’s actually pretty easy to get on social media and not be social. You wouldn’t ignore a current or prospective client’s call or email, so why should your social media communications be any different?

If someone leaves a comment or messages you, be sure to get back to them with an on-brand response in a timely fashion. 


2.  Mix up your feeds

Looking for some fresh posting ideas? We've got a whole series of blog posts on that! 

There’s nothing less effective than social media streams that regurgitate the same old stuff day after day. Content like blog posts and job vacancies are great content -- but they’re not all you should be posting day after day. Hop on trending content like current news, mix up your post formatting, and get creative!


3.  Take a multi-medium approach

Instead of trying to make all your marketing channels work in isolation, make social media a part of your print campaigns – and vise versa. If you’ve got an email or PR campaign going out, create a buzz around it on social media too. Creating a multichannel campaign can help increase your reach and direct new people over to your social channels.

4.  Time your posts

Figuring out when your followers are online will help you increase your reach. While Instagram gives you insight into the days and hours that your audience is online, you'll have to experiment with posting times when it comes to other platforms. Play around with posting on different days to see what works best for you and then analyze which hours get you the highest reach and engagement. 

5.  Post bold content

On social media getting noticed often means taking risks. People are inundated with fresh content every time they refresh their feeds – and to get results you’re going to have to think outside the box. 

This means something different for reach business -- but start by playing around with different post formats, riskier graphics, and out of the box content.

6.  Plan in advance

Don’t overlook big events -- or the social media exposure that comes with them. We suggest creating a social media calendar that spans several months in advance so that you can be proactive and maximize all topical opportunities. 

7.  Push people back to your site

Use bit.ly to shorten your links -- and track your traffic. 

If you’re not pushing people back to your website, you’re not getting the full benefits of posting on social media. Whether you’re sending people to a blog post, product page, or dedicated landing page, be sure to include links when they’re relevant. 

Use a content calendar to keep track of your social media posts!

Use a content calendar to keep track of your social media posts!

8.  Blur the boundaries

Having strict brand guidelines in place is key for consistency, but if there’s one place to blur your boundaries, it’s on social media. We’re not suggesting going completely off brand – but we are suggesting that you play around with the style of your graphics and the buzz words you use. This will give you a great opportunity to see what your audience responds to – and what they really don’t like. 


9.  Up your video content

Facebook's algorithm has long favored video content over other mediums -- and we don't foresee that changing any time soon. Millions of videos are being watched each and every day, so make sure you incorporate them into your social media strategy. 


10.  Team up with an influencer

If you’re struggling to get the kind of reach you want, think about teaming up with a relevant influencer to give your following a boost. Just be sure you find someone that feels like a natural fit and speaks to your target demographic. 


11.  Shout about your success

Whether it’s a charity sale that went well or an award you recently won, shout about all the great things -- big and small -- that are happening with your business. It’s a fabulous and free way to promote your culture and aid your recruitment efforts.


12.  Be inventive with your images

Use a mix a graphics and pictures and don't be afraid to shake up the content. While your pictures should have a consistent style and look, feel free to branch out when it comes to subject matter. If you're posting multiple times a day, it's easy to get into a visual rut.  


Have you hit a plateau for likes and follows? We can fix that! Whether you’re looking to increase your views or simply need a break from handling your account, Hue & Tone Creative has you covered for all things social.

6 ingredients for a successful social media post

6 ingredients for a successful social media post  |  Hue & Tone Creative

Creating a social media post that connects with your audience can feel like a tough equation to crack. It’s not about creating a viral post or achieving international attention, it’s about getting a return on the time you invest in social media. 

Instead of constantly guessing what's going to bring you success, we’ve pulled together six key ingredients to help you build a strong social media post and get your audience socializing with you! 


1.  Know when to stop

Whatever platform you’re publishing on, keep your social media posts short and snappy. You don’t have an infinite amount of time to draw peoples’ attention, so curate something concise and eye catching. 

Every once in a while you can publish a meatier post -- but for the most part it’s important to bear in mind the medium you’re writing for. Social media is all about quick, consumable content, so try to keep it quick as often as you can.


2. Take the test

When you’re putting your post together, put yourself in your audience’s shoes and ask yourself “would I really stop scrolling for this?” - and answer honestly!

It’s easy to slip into the habit of posting every piece of content you’ve got out on social, but if it doesn’t sit right, don’t hit send for the sake of posting. Incorporate social media into your content strategy, and consider producing pieces for the sole purpose of social engagement.


3. Keep it clean

It sounds super simple, but you’d be surprised by how many businesses fill their posts with a line of clunky URL. Keep your posts nice and clean by shortening your links to something succinct and tidy - a tool like bit.lywill do the trick.


4. Don’t hide away

Make the most of hashtags to increase your post’s exposure and open yourself up to new audiences. While you’re at it, mention relevantpages or people to benefit from their bandwidth too.

As with everything in life though, remember, it’s all about balance. Going over the top with hashtags or tagging can easily start looking spammy.


5. Impactful imagery

Your words are one half of the battle. Your images are the other. People can sniff overly staged imagery from a mile off, so try to mix your pictures up a bit to keep your feeds looking human. 

Play around with styles to see what gets most traction. Cartoon figures or real-life people? Plain images or a text overlay? Something subjective or objective? If it’s feasible, the odd video would be a great addition to experiment with as well.


6. Ask away

People aren’t mind readers. If you want to spark a discussion, make it clear that you’re asking a question, looking for feedback, or welcoming their thoughts. 

If you wanted to be slightly sneaky, you could always ask a colleague to get the ball rolling by posting the first comment...

So, there are our six tips to start your journey to social media success – now, go get posting!


Does posting on social media slip your mind on a daily basis? Or, maybe you're overcome with panic every time you're about to hit "post"? Well, we're ready to get social on your behalf. At Hue & Tone Creative, social media is a part of our daily routine. Let us take social media off your to do list -- we'll handle everything from the planning to the posting. 

75 post ideas for Instagram

Are you lacking imagination for your next Instagram post? Everyone’s creative cogs stop turning every now and then, but fear not, we’ve put our creativity to the test by coming up with 75 post ideas to help you through your creative block:

75 post ideas for Instagram  |  Hue & Tone Creative

  1. Lighten the mood with a meme
  2. Pull out a quote from a happy client
  3. Post a picture of your products
  4. Film a demo of how to use your product or service
  5. Publish pictures of customers using your product or service
  6. Shout about any competitions you’re running
  7. Put your own spin on a big event - like Super Bowl
  8. Re-post stuff your followers tag you in
  9. Push out any promotions
  10. Create some motivational quotes
  11. Celebrate any business milestones
  12. Tell people about any job vacancies you’ve got
  13. Share team bios
  14. Share your team members favorite product
  15. Let people see what goes on behind the scenes
  16. Tease people new product launches
  17. Wish everyone a good weekend
  18. Remind your audience of your contact details so they can share any questions/concerns
  19. Promote employee recommendations
  20. Create an event reminder - if you’re hosting any
  21. Shout about any charity work you do
  22. Promote local charity events
  23. Have fun with your brand
  24. Show alternative uses for your products
  25. Ask questions to gauge audience interest in a topic
  26. Share your industry knowledge
  27. Ask for feedback
  28. Tell the story behind your brand
  29. Point people to new content on your site
  30. Shout about any awards you’ve won
  31. Raise money for charity
  32. Consider interviews with industry experts
  33. Set a challenge for people to get involved with
  34. Remind people when the clocks change
  35. Remind people of your unique selling points
  36. Share some New Year’s Resolutions
  37. Post live pictures and videos from events
  38. Share relevant news stories
  39. Visualize an inspirational, well-known quote
  40. Film a video that will make people laugh
  41. Get an influencer to endorse you
  42. Latch onto a trending hashtag
  43. Let people know what a day in the life at your business is like
  44. Publish statistics around your product or service
  45. Share any positive press coverage you receive
  46. Get involved with topical trends (think ice bucket challenge)
  47. Think of something crazy that could go viral
  48. Reach out to a celebrity and see if they’ll engage with you
  49. Show before and after transformations
  50. Thank your customers for their loyalty
  51. Congratulate customers or clients for their own successes
  52. Point people to key pages of your website
  53. Share a fun fact
  54. Create a collage to show a timeline of events
  55. Run a quiz
  56. Feature products that are on sale
  57. Make a business announcement
  58. Hook onto random awareness days - like International Day of Happiness
  59. Play an April Fool’s Day prank
  60. Show people what life would be like without your product or service
  61. Sell your product in a 20 second video
  62. Be vulnerable: share a challenge your business has
  63. Set up a user-generated content competition
  64. Post a picture of the person in control of your Instagram so people can put a face to a name
  65. Share a #throwbackthursday
  66. Invite people to follow your other social media channels
  67. Run a Christmas-themed giveaway
  68. Schedule a ‘Merry Christmas’ post for on the day
  69. Remind people of your business hours
  70. Share your company’s culture
  71. Start your own unique weekly series, like #whatifwednesday
  72. Ask people to leave you a review (and tell them where they can do it)
  73. Share styling tips
  74. Start a countdown to a key date/event
  75. Share someone else’s content that’ll be valuable to your audience - but make sure it’s not someone who can take business away from you!


Looking to develop your social media presence? Hue & Tone Creative is a web marketing agency specializing in graphic design and social media management. Be sure to check out our portfolio to see clients we’ve helped in the past, or give us a call if you're ready to get started building your online presence. 

Pinterest: What to pin if you're an Interior Designer

With over 75 billion ideas to choose from, Pinterest is one of the best resources for creative inspiration.

While we all have fun pinning ideas for DIY terrariums or artisan cocktails, we also know it can be a great place to promote your business. Today, we're honing in on how to use Pinterest if you're an interior designer.

Whether you’re a seasoned professional or just need a little fresh marketing inspiration, we hope you can find some new ideas in this collection. 

Let's get started with a few must create boards...

Whether you create your own custom content, stick to repining, or bring in content from your website, these boards are the perfect way to display your creative expertise for your clients.

Pinterest: What to pin if you're an Interior Designer  |  Hue & Tone Creative

Prints & Patterns
From florals to stripes, prints help add character to any room.


Pinterest: What to pin if you're an Interior Designer  |  Hue & Tone Creative

 Home Décor
Pinterest is a haven for home design! We especially love how you can search for just about any style or room you can imagine.


Pinterest: What to pin if you're an Interior Designer  |  Hue & Tone Creative

Color Play
Pinterest is full of great color scheme ideas for any aesthetic.


Pinterest: What to pin if you're an Interior Designer  |  Hue & Tone Creative

A collection of Edison lamps, decorative sconces, and chandeliers offer an upgrade to the basic table lamp.


Pinterest: What to pin if you're an Interior Designer  |  Hue & Tone Creative

What better way to add a touch of color and texture than a rug, tapestry, or dramatic pair of drapes?


Pinterest: What to pin if you're an Interior Designer  |  Hue & Tone Creative

Pin a collection of creative storage solutions to keep clutter at bay.


Pinterest: What to pin if you're an Interior Designer  |  Hue & Tone Creative

From Grecian sea sides to Italian landscapes, design inspiration can be found worldwide.


Pinterest: What to pin if you're an Interior Designer  |  Hue & Tone Creative

No room would be complete without the perfect furniture. Pin great finds from online stores or innovative ways to arrange each piece.


Pinterest: What to pin if you're an Interior Designer  |  Hue & Tone Creative

Hotels & Hospitality
Whether you’re creating a relaxing escape for visitors or streamlined designs to appeal to a wide audience, Pinterest is full of ideas.


Pinterest: What to pin if you're an Interior Designer  |  Hue & Tone Creative

Create a beautiful scene for photoshoots, gatherings, and events.

Need some new sources to pin from? These accounts are full of creative ideas and gorgeous images:

My Design Agenda
A great source for international design, installations, home décor.

Apartment Therapy
This well-known name has a loyal following of over 877,000 pinners. This account is full of shopping guides and design inspiration for every room.

Old Brand New 
Old-Brand New is curated by a LA-based blogger, Dabito. This diverse account is filled with art, style, and playful color combinations.

Design Milk
Interested in modern, minimalistic aesthetic? Design Milk is a stylish resource for clean design.

This account is perfect for designers that are drawn to cozy interiors and soft color palates.


Have a favorite account that we left out? Let us know in the comments!


Design & Marketing in Greensboro, NC

Ready to start seeing results? From design to delivery, Hue & Tone can help you create a truly unique social campaign. If you’re ready to start seeing a return on your social media dollars then it’s time to invest in a creative agency that can give you more. If you’re interested in social media management, a new campaign, or another creative service, give us a call today so we can set up a social media audit.

What to post: LinkedIn Content Ideas

With 467 million members in more than 200 countries, LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network. Business leaders, C-level execs, job seekers, and decision makers alike all utilize the platform – and they’re all waiting to hear from your business.

Using LinkedIn for business can help you attract talent, increase your supplier base, generate new leads, and help you show off your brand’s personality. From sales to HR to operations, LinkedIn can benefit every branch of your business.

Ready to step up your LinkedIn posting game? We’ve compiled a list of content ideas to help you get noticed: 

  • Milestones: New products, new employees, and work anniversaries are the perfect content for LinkedIn! 
  • Job Openings: This one almost goes without saying, but if you have a job opening be sure to spread the word on LinkedIn.
  • Original Content: Distribute your blog posts through LinkedIn to help drive traffic to your site.
  • Opinions: Does your business have a philosophy that sets you apart? Share it! Just be sure to keep the political opinions for Facebook (or, ideally, off of social media altogether).
  • Industry specific tips: How have you gotten ahead? What works or doesn’t work for your business? Forge a connection by sharing your personal experience (this is great for B2B).
  • SlideShare: Presenting at a conference? Hosting a round table? Presenting your process to a client? Share your presentations and show people a behind-the-scenes look at what it would be like to work with you.
  • Videos: Share promo videos, tutorials of your product, and behind-the-scenes video!  Leveraging video is the way of the future. 
  • Events: Talk up events you’ve recently attended or are planning to go to. And, be sure to post pictures from the event! It’s a great way to connect with others attendees you might not have gotten to chat with in person.
  • Content from industry sources: See an article that interests you? Go ahead and share it if you can loosely tie it to your work!
  • Podcasts: Promote an industry podcast that has given you good insight.
  • Make a playlist: Make a Spotify playlist to coincide with the release of a new product.
  • Start a LinkedIn Group: Posting on your own page isn’t the only way to get active on LinkedIn – starting a group (or participating in an existing one) is a great way to connect with people one-on-one.


Push yourself to come up with a set number of posting ideas SPECIFIC TO YOUR BUSIneSS (we suggest at least 50 ideas TO Start). You can look back at this list any time you're stumped for content! And, it's a great jumping off point for creating a content calendar. 

Now that that's out of the way, we suggest creating a list of content tailored to your industry. We've got a few more specific ideas started for you: 

Accountants: Changes in tax code for the upcoming year, downloadable resources (think spending trackers, tip sheets, etc.),  personal saving tips, differences between 401ks + IRAs, steps for setting up your own corporation, important date reminders/deadlines.

Nonprofits: Images from community events and fundraisers, volunteer opportunities, volunteer spotlights, statistics, infographics, donation impact breakdown, recent trends, inspirational quotes, profiles of people your organization has helped.

Hospitality/hotels:  videos of the property, 360 room views, specials, seasonal activities in the area, local festivals, travel tips, nearby restaurants, staff profiles, new property openings, awards/accolades.

Real Estate Agents: Virtual tours, before & after images of homes you sold, housing stock data, neighborhood information/profiles, new home owner checklist, first time buyer financing information, weekly open house schedules, tips for finding the right agent/mortgage broker, moving checklist, property inspection steps, new listings.

Social Media Services for Greensboro and beyond: Hue & Tone

If you’re struggling to come up with original content ideas perhaps it’s time to bring in a little help. Hue & Tone Creative can help you create visually appealing, original content for every social media platform.  If you’re interested in boosting your web traffic, raising brand awareness, and reaching new customers give us a call today to learn more about our social media management options.

What to post: Facebook


Posting selfies, connecting with friends, and sharing your latest Buzzfeed quiz results are just a few of the many uses of Facebook. But for business owners, having a Facebook page is a great way to build trust, engage with customers, and promote your brand’s offerings.

If your business is in the minority not utilizing Facebook, you’re missing out on engagement opportunities! 80% of consumers prefer to connect with brands through this platform to get updates, access to discounts, and to share their experiences. Facebook has also become increasingly popular with older adults and is used equally by both men and women, making this platform ideal for virtually every business.

If you’re new to Facebook, or if you just want some inspiration about what to share, we’ve gathered a list of post ideas:

  • Stories: People enjoy reading content they can relate to. Share a funny anecdote, or even a #throwback story about your company’s beginnings.
  • Seasonal content
  • Blog excerpts: Link your latest blog entries- this also gives you an opportunity to direct followers to your business’s website and portfolio.
  • Company updates: Some of the best posts are the easiest to pull together! Use Facebook to people updated on your company. Anything from highlighting promotions to new products is fair game!
  • Tutorials
  • Promos: Share coupons, discount codes, and any promotions your business is offering. 
  • Testimonials: Repost positive customer experiences or any press/blog mentions.
  • Contests
  • Fill in the blank: Give your followers an opportunity to share their opinions by answering lighthearted questions. “My favorite way to spend a Saturday is _________.” “I can’t get through a Monday without _________”.
  • Infographics
  • Product page links: This is another great way to direct potential customers to your website. Highlight new products of promotions on older items.
  • Picture Quotes
  • Statistics: Post a statistic accompanied by an image-photos receive 39% more engagement than links.
  • Trending Topics
  • Fun pictures: Most people browse Facebook for fun. Keep it from getting too serious with a funny behind the scenes picture or maybe a viral video/ picture (depending on your target customer).
  • Videos: Share a how-to video, GIF, or a live event video.   

Depending on your business, here are a few industry-specific posting ideas:


- Preplan and schedule your posts with services like Hootsuite or Buffer. It’ll save you time and help prevent those annoying “I need to think up something to post in 5 minute” moments.

- Choose engaging and clear profile pictures and cover photos

Link your other business social media accounts to your Facebook page.

Make sure to post at the right timeSaturdays and Sundays (12pm-1pm), Wednesdays (3pm-4pm), Thursdays & Fridays: 1pm-4pm

Hospitality: Photos of the property, past events/ weddings, travel/ vacation planning tips, best cocktails in town, top restaurant picks for Valentine’s Day, local restaurants/ things to do, best local restaurants, favorite weddings from past guests, must see places around town, top rated tours, best luggage brands for your next trip, how to become a better packer, 10 things to pack on your next vacation, seasonal offerings from the on-sight restaurant

Manufacturing: Sneak peak of new products, business partnerships, productivity tips, industry news, product flat lays, weekly roundup of inspiration: design, technology, etc., publication features, latest industry trends, infographics, top products of the year, contests/competitions, employee spotlight, behind-the-scenes

Retail: Promotions/ sales, picture quotes, styling tips, photoshoot sneak peaks, employee favorites, budget friendly gift ideas, seasonal must haves, coupons/ Discount codes, style inspiration, street style inspiration, fashion flat lays, gift ideas for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, grads, etc., top 10 favorites for spring, fall, etc., outfit of the day inspiration (use #OOTD), customer style inspirations, key wardrobe pieces, holiday outfit ideas

Restaurants/ Coffee Shops: New additions to the menu, game day snacks, daily specials, employee menu recommendations, latte art tutorial video, "What’s your favorite menu item? Comment for a chance to win a gift card.", special lunch discounts during the week, behind-the-scenes, "Like us on Facebook and share this post for a muffin with your next coffee purchase", holiday recipes, tag a friend for a buy one get one coffee promo, video recipe tutorials, events/promotions 


We’ve shared our recommendations, but don’t hesitate to try something new. Just make sure that whatever you share is interesting and helps reflect your brand’s personality. Most people respond better to something that feels genuine and relatable, so don’t try too hard. Have fun and start posting!

Need more posting ideas for your business? Check out our entire "What to Post" series here:

Twitter  |  Pinterest  |  Instagram

What to post: Instagram

With over 500 million people (300 million of which are daily users) Instagram is the perfect place to leverage pictures of your everyday life to build a big following.

Brands on Instagram benefit from 58% more customer engagement than Facebook and 120% more engagement than Twitter… that means a great potential ROI for you! Instagram has a broad consumer base of both men and woman under the age of 45, and is suitable for almost any organization with great visual content.  

Instagram is rapidly gaining users and is expected to double its number of users by 2020.

If you really want to see engagement from your Insta followers, it’s important to go beyond the obvious (like product shots) with your posts.  Surprising, engaging, and relevant content is where it’s at. If you’re stumped for ideas, we’ve got a few beyond-the-basics suggestions for you:

  • Flat Lays: This streamlined photography technique is a big moment on social media. A flat lay is exactly what it sounds like -- an overhead shot of your products laying flat. It's a great way to showcase your goods, partner company's products, and your values. This style is perfect for fashion, beauty brands, or on-trend restaurants.
  • Press mentions: Sharing “as seen in” images can help give your products credibility and keep your consumers up-to-date with all your latest brand happenings.
  • Reposts: Been hearing rave reviews from a customers lately? Or maybe a not-so-rave review? Regram their testimonials or post a video of their feedback. There’s no better way to earn credibility with consumers than posting organic, unfiltered reviews. Letting a few negatives slip into your content builds trust with customers and lets them know you’re not hiding anything!
  • Daily happenings: Post behind-the-scene images of a regular day at the office, of an employee event, or an in-progress project.
  • Events: Have an upcoming event? Start sharing the details on Instagram a few weeks out.   If it’s a big event, consider creating a clever hashtag so that your guests can get social with their support for your cause. 
  • Hashtags: 70% of the most popular hashtags are brand related. Create one for your brand so that more users can find you.  BUT, don’t overload the hashtags. Social media users are a savvy crowd, and they’ll be able to easily identify people who are just looking for likes. To avoid your content being considered SPAM stick to only a handful of the most relevant hashtags.

Creating a hashtag for an annual event?

Leave the year off so that people can see all the fun had in preview years. Your feed will already be populated when it comes time for next years event and you won’t have to worry about people not utilizing your hashtag.

  • Promotions: Advertise upcoming sales, discount codes, or weekend only flash sales. Consider creating a promotion exclusively for your Instagram followers – you can PM them a special code, have them prove that they follow you at checkout, or run an Instagram contest.
  • Get tagging: Engage your followers by asking them to tag a friend who might like a product.
  • Go live: Whether you’re giving a tour, running through a product tutorial or just sharing something fun, video is what’s hot right now. The only thing better than video? Live video. Figure out which of your usual posts could translate to video and then take Instagram Moments for a whirl!
    Want to make those gif-like videos that look like they’re on a loop? Use Boomerang.
  • Throwback Thursday: Show how much your brand has grown! Throwback Thursday is a great chance to highlight something that happened a while ago. Whether it was last week or a few years ago your customers will love to see how you’ve progressed.

Before linking to employee Instagrams make sure their profile is something you would want associated with your business. If not, it might be time to go over the companies social media policy again. 

  • Job Openings: You already know that your followers love your brand – so what better place to find your next employee? Alert your followers when a new position opens up and you might just find the perfect candidate!
  • Employee reposts: Put a face to the name for your customers by regramming employee posts about their day at work!
  • Holidays + Celebrations: Celebrate the big holidays on social… and the little ones! If you can find a way to tie National Coffee Day, National Best Friend Day or National Donut Day into your feed go for it! Hopping on a trending holiday hashtag is a great way to get new reach.
  • Hand your account over: Have a trusted employee, customer, or brand advocate? Let them manage your account for a day or week to give people a first hand account of what it’s like to work for your brand, live on one of your properties, or shop in your store! 
  • Experiencing a lull? It might be time to break out quotes or entertainment content to keep your feed fresh. Fridays and Mondays are the best days for a little light-hearted content.  

If you’re a little confused about how these ideas might apply to your industry, no need to worry -- just check out these more tailored suggestions:

Fitness: Healthy food, exercise demonstrations, B+A shots, motivational quotes, workout tips, inspirational athletes, customer success stories, outdoor inspiration.

Artists + Galleries: Mosaics, color palette inspiration, video of work progression, creativity quotes, gallery installation sneak peek, behind-the-scenes look at a collectors home, tutorials, sneak peak of new exhibits.

Restaurants: Daily specials, fresh ingredients, customers in the restaurant, behind-the-scenes videos, recipes, user submitted pictures, seasonal food pictures, tutorials, food & drink parings.

Car Dealership: New inventory, dealer profiles, tips for choosing a new car, negotiation tips, how to select a used car, car features, proper maintenance tips, custom features + upgrades, safety ratings information, test drive videos.

Non-profits: Event updates, sponsor and donor features, mission related content, community impact facts, office tour video, staff profiles, features on people served by your organization, must know facts related to your mission. Have a product like Wine to Water or Goodwill? Use social media to broadcast it!


No matter what your industry, the possibilities for leveraging Instagram are endless.

And, as always, the cardinal rule of social media is engagement. Class A content is useless if people don’t feel like there’s a relatable individual behind the posts!

Need more personalized ideas to help promote your brand on Instagram? We can do that. Shoot us an email at hannah@hueandtonecreative.com.